Additional Service

Additional Service

Auto Electrics

Diagnosis and repair for cars, vans and commercial vehicles. We can fault find and repair your vehicle electrics to make sure your vehicle is in perfect working order. We have the skills and tools to make sure your vehicle would leave the workshop in top condition.

Engine Tuning

Our technicians are able to tune your vehicle engine to its optimal state. Tuning allows for modification or adjustment of internal combustion engines to yield more performance, either in terms of power output or economy.

Air conditioning

We carry out re-gassing and repairs of your air conditioning units so that you never break a sweat on those hot summer days.


At Auto City we offer a free Cambelt (timing belt) check service. We can diagnose accordingly and identify if a replacement is required – it’s vital on most vehicles at the recommended manufacturers’ mileages.

Fuel Service

Misfuel/Fuel Drain Service
It’s become common for customers to accidentally misfuel their vehicles without realising at the time. Fear not! We can carry out a fuel drain service to correct it and get your vehicle back on the road.

Oil Service
The Auto City Oil Service is designed to give motorists peace of mind about the condition of their vehicle whilst proactively maintaining the vehicle where there are long periods between Service intervals. The Oil Service is also ideal for vehicles doing either very high or extremely low mileage. An oil service is usually required every 12 month or less for vehicles doing more miles. It’s always important to use the correct grade of oil in your vehicle. Some cars take special oils, which are in stock at Auto City most of the time. The oil filter may also require a change, as it can often become clogged with debris. We will check this for you and advise accordingly when any oil service is carried out.