Alloy Wheel Repair

Alloy Wheel Repair


Save money by having your scuffed, bent, buckled, cracked, alloy wheels repaired and refurbished instead of purchasing a new set.

We have invested in new Junair Wheel preparation and Painting equipment that allows us to work on all allow wheels and finish them to as if they were brand new.

Wheels are initially prepared on the Ventilated parts bench and the WheelRack – a mobile bench for preparing alloy wheels. The ventilated parts bench is ideal for the preparation of wheels and parts prior to painting. The ventilation and filtration system captures the dust particles at source and reduces contamination of the working environment.

After preparation, wheels are placed into the WheelBlast cabinet. WheelBlast, the first blasting unit specifically designed for the preparation of wheels prior to painting. Hand preparation that can take an hour to complete is completed in just a few minutes with WheelBlast.

Finally wheels are then painted in our new Junair 1 series spray booth oven.

ventilated-parts wheelblast1 wheelrack

Customised Alloys

With the ever changing trends, Auto City now also paints alloys to whatever colour you want; be it matt black, pearlescent white, or a mix of the two, we can do it.

tyre1 tyre3 tyre5